Chopped Ramps, Bacon & Egg Over Creamy Quinoa

I swear, the more I pay attention to my food photography, the more frustrated I get.  The more I see issues and problems with it.  Rather than relying on catching the natural light at “just the right moment” (which can be hard to schedule one’s day around), I’ve been trying to use lights and setups to control my own light.

I like to think I’m learning and improving with each shoot, but I honestly feel like I’m staying the same, or -worse yet- going backwards.  I keep thinking that I have it setup right and once we get over to photoshop it’ll be “perfect” and then find that no, that’s not the case.

Maybe it isn’t that I’m getting worse, but that I’m just becoming more discerning and more critical.  Maybe it takes less time to see what’s “wrong” with an image and more time to figure out how to get it “right”.

Anyway, I’m still here and still learning so hopefully I’ll also continue to improve slowly as well…Moving on!

I don’t know if you heard, but ramp season has started!  I’ve never had an opportunity to buy ramps before but this year knew that things had to change!  It was time to get ahold of that small wild onion that foodies go nuts for every year.

And get hold of them I did!  Now to be honest, when I tried them it was like “Ok, these are cool,”  but nothing mind blowing about them.  Oh god, I feel like I’ve just political blogger/foodie suicide saying that…please don’t ostracize me!  Maybe I just haven’t found the correct way to truly show off their ramp-y magic but the season isn’t done yet so there’s still time!

This savory dish works great for breakfast but also as dinner as well!

Chopped Ramps, Bacon & Egg Over Creamy Quinoa

Serves 4





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1 Cup Quinoa

1 ½ Cup Whole Milk

½ Cup Water

2 oz Grated Sharp Cheddar (Approx 1/2 Cup)

1/2 tsp Salt



4 Slices of Bacon

4 Eggs

1 Bunch Ramps

Zest of 1 Lemon

1 Cup Crushed Tomatoes

Add the quinoa, milk and water to a medium-sized pot.  Bring to a simmer, stirring often and reduce to low.  Add salt and pepper.  Cook for 15-20 minutes until cooked through and liquid has mostly been absorbed.  Remove from heat and add in grated cheese.  Stir until melted and incorporated.

Thinly chop white and green parts of ramps, separated.  Reserve the greens for later.  Chop bacon into chunks and add to a pan over medium heat.  Add in chopped ramp whites.  Sauté for several minutes before adding in crushed tomatoes and lemon zest.  Season with salt and pepper.  When everything is soft, make wells in the mixture and crack in eggs.  Cover pan with a lid and cook until whites are solid.

Divide quinoa into bowls and top with egg and ramp mixture.  Sprinkle chopped ramp greens on top!

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