Weekend Stuff

Saturday we went to visit a friend of mine who lives up around Westchester.  Whenever we go to visit her and her family, it’s like a mini vacation- a reminder of what Mr. C and I want in our lives: a house, space, a (eventual) family.  Room to BBQ and garden in the backyard and privacy.

My friend requested to not be photographed herself but I was able to take pictures of her beautiful family.  Her son Leo is a real handful- so much energy and so strong!  He never stops moving and bouncing around.  I guess I don’t have good maternal vibes because every time I tried to hold him he starts to cry but Mr. C has more experience in that area; Leo loves him!  I joke that the only reason I bring him along is to keep the kids happy.

My friend always prepares a whole feast when we visit.  I try to help out as much as possible but it usually becomes a matter of keeping the kids busy and out of the kitchen.  This is the first time we brought the dogs up and while Ada was thrilled to play with them, Leo wasn’t so sure…

Sorry- I just can’ help it- this photo sequence just kills me everytime I look at it.  His face!

Being one of the first beautiful weekends of the season, David took out the grill and went into serious grill-mode with a large cut of lamb.

We spent most of the afternoon cooking and playing both inside and out and enjoyed a large delicious meal on the back porch in the evening.  We stayed pretty late but left around 11:30 to return to Brooklyn before it got too too late.

It’s moments like this that I’m so glad I brought my car back to the city with me.  Sure, it’s annoying to deal with street parking, but being able to escape the city without much hassle and have a relaxing day or weekend away is so wonderful and refreshing.  Looking forward to many more weekends like it!

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