Fit Fridays: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

If you’re asking yourself this question then, to be honest with you, the answer is “no”.  You probably aren’t drinking enough water.

Now, to be honest, there are a lot of factors in play with regards to how much water you really need- your age, height, sex, activity levels, environment, and the other things you eat and drink etc.

On average however, the USDA recommends that adult men consume about 3.0L (or 101 oz, or approx. 13 cups) and adult women consume about 2.2L (or 74 oz, or approx. 9 cups) per day.  Your foods contains water as well, but these numbers are for fluid intake alone.  If you exercise or sweat a lot during the day you should be consuming more to replace what you are losing.  Caffeine and alcoholic beverages also work as a diuretic and cause your body to release water so if you drink a lot of coffee during the day or alcohol at night you’ll be needing more water STAT. 

Water is so important for your body!  It makes up more than 2/3 of your body’s weight and allows your cells and organs to function properly.  If you stopped drinking and eating, you’d die from lack of water much sooner than starvation.

How do I get more water?

Being an athlete I’m supposed to be drinking a gallon to a gallon and a half a day.  Now that’s a lot of water!  I basically drink about 9 20oz shaker bottles of water per day.  Jesus!

It takes some effort and getting used to but it’s totally worth it!


  • Have a Glass When You Wake Up: Pour a big glass of water for yourself when you go to bed so it’s on hand to drink in the morning.  I usually leave it in the kitchen or on my nightstand (but due to my cats’ love of knocking stuff over it goes in a sealed shaker bottle so they don’t spill it in the nighttime!)  I also do this because I prefer room temperature water- I don’t like to shock my body with something cold first thing especially when waking up!
  • Waste Not Want Not: Carry a water bottle or shaker bottle with you throughout the day so you remember to drink water.  Bonus: You aren’t wasting money or plastic by buying bottled water.  I never buy bottled water when I go out- most places will be happy to fill my bottle up with tap water or I’ll just use the sink in the bathroom if there isn’t a fountain.
  • Have a Glass with Every Meal: This isn’t a hard habit to get into.  Just plan on drinking a glass of water every time you sit down to eat or snack. Bonus: It’ll help you digest better and fill you up nicely so you don’t overeat!
  • Pour a Glass for Bed: Whatever your evening habit is, as you start slowing down for the night- maybe you like to watch tv, or work on your computer or read before you sleep, pour a glass of water and sip on it before you sleep.

Not a Fan of Water?

  • Drink (unsweetened) Non-Caffinated Tea
  • Flavor Your Water (Naturally)
  • Add Water (Instead of Milk or Juice) To Your Smoothies
  • And if Nothing Else….Suck it Up- It’s Good For You!!

Pro Tip: You’ll be needing to pee…a lot.  Plan on going to the bathroom before you leave your house in the morning, before you go to bed and whenever you leave a restaurant or building.  Even if you don’t have to go right then, you’ll appreciate having done it later!

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