If You Like Piña Coladas…

If you like Piña Coladas….well I’ve got a healthy (protein) version of it for you!

It’s getting to that point of winter where I’m starting to imaging myself on a tropical island- sun and sand and the rolling waves surrounding me as I recline on a beach chair, cocktail in hand under the shade of a large umbrella.

Now this fantasy may be somewhat induced by my recent bingeing on the Travel Channel as of late.  They’ve been advertising Beach Week like crazy and it has me yearning for something warmer…

I tested this recipe a few times before getting it to just right, Piña Colada-y goodness.  I used canned coconut milk to get a creamier texture and while I like the taste of freshly cut pineapple better, if you want a frostier drink, opt for frozen chunks instead.

I used Vanilla Vega Sport Performance Protein to get that extra vanilla protein goodness- after all,  we gotta make this healthy, right??

Surprisingly enough, I actually found the game changer for flavor was the addition of cardamom. I didn’t have any ground cardamom so I ended up grinding some whole pods by hand.  And it was just the right decision!  Fresh cardamom is amazing!   

So, that being said, let’s travel awayyyyy…

Disclaimer: Vega sent me their products to sample and review for the purpose of making recipes- no other compensation was received..  All opinions are my own.

Vega Sport Pina Coladas

Serves 1-2

1 Scoop Vega Sport Vanilla

1 1/2 Cups Fresh or Frozen Pineapple Slices, plus more to garnish

1 Cup Light (canned) Coconut Milk

1/2 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1/2 tsp Freshly Ground Cardamom, plus more to garnish


Add all ingredients into a blender and blend away!  Garnish with some pineapple slices and cardamom.

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