How to Shop Healthy at the Store

As someone dedicated to food and fitness, I’ve wanted to start writing about more than just recipes and my life.  I want to start sharing weekly tips and ideas on how to stay healthier- be it working out, eating better, stressing less or sleeping more (and everything in between).

If you’ve been following me a while and have witnessed some of the changes to my page over the past few months (and years) you probably noticed the addition of the “Fitness” column (now adjusted to Health & Fitness).  It sat there coyly for a time, tricking people into clicking on it only to find nothing there.

This shall the be start of it.

So, what better place to start our healthy journey, than the place that many decisions (both good and bad) begin: the grocery store.

Grocery shopping is like a hobby to me.  It’s something I just like to do.  Needless to stay, I spend a lot of time around food- be it grocery stores, produce stands, farmers markets, restaurants or my own kitchen.  Grocery stores are where it all begins- it sets you up for success of failure because what you buy ends up being (ideally) being what you eat most of the week.  If you buy a bunch of junk food and frozen meals, chances are, you’ll be eating it and snacking on it throughout the week.  With all the other challenges and temptations and so many unhealthy food options everywhere you turn, why add to it by putting it in your own home?  I understand this is easier said than done, but these are some ways I’ve found to help make the right choices.

  1. Have a List: Ever go to the store to get a few items, forget what they were, and come back with a bunch of stuff only to realize you didn’t get the most important thing you needed?  Plan out what you want and always go with a list even if it’s just a short one you jotted down on your phone on the way there.
  2. Be Organized: Related to list making, I will usually spend some time looking over recipes to decide what I want to make and jot down what I need for them.  Extra tip: Store the recipes you want to do in one place or write down the names and places of where they came from- getting all the ingredients and then forgetting where you saw the recipe is the worst!
  3. Avoid the Center Aisles: Ever noticed how most stores have a similar layout?  There’s a reason for that.  Most of your sodas, chips, candies and junk food will be in the center aisles.  Stick to the perimeters where most of the whole foods are and as long as you avoid the bakery section it’ll be smooth sailing.
  4. Don’t Shop Hungry: This should be an obvious one, but it’s so important.  When you’re hungry, suddenly those chips and ice cream just seem to jump into the cart.  If I haven’t eaten in a while, I’ll sometimes grab just a quick snack (like a banana or a protein bar) before I go so by the time I arrive at the store, my tummy won’t be calling the shots.

I hope to make these sorts of tips and ideas (with regard to health and fitness) a weekly thing so if you like it and want more, please let me know!

4 thoughts on “How to Shop Healthy at the Store

    • Kelsey Marcus says:

      That’s always my opinion! And I figure, if I really super duper want ice cream, I’d rather go out to a shop and buy a scoop (or two) which will cost more money, but less on my body and it’s "once and I’m done!" rather than having to eventually finish a pint or a quart (which in my case, could potentially happen in a single sitting if it’s around).


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