Garlic+Ginger+Lemon Elixer- Feel Better ASAP!

I’m the worst. I totally meant to get this posted hours ago but kept getting distracted by some serious food porn and recipes that I found floating around the internet. Yup, guess I must really be in competition prep if I’m spending hours looking at super-delicious, super-unhealthy-can’t eat them-for-12-weeks, recipes. You may notice my Pinterest page becomes flooded with these sorts of recipes over the next few weeks. Don’t be alarmed!

But I would totally love it if you decided to follow my Pinterest page.

But here- see-I’m totally making a healthy “recipe” for you today!  Whenever I start to get sick, I jump into action and make this immediately.

And it totally helps!

But just for good measure and to be safe I’ll add in my little disclaimer- I am not a doctor! (duh)  If you are seriously ill, go see your doctor immediately!

Now with that done and over with, I swear by this drink.  I try to drink it right when I start to notice I’m feeling off and will usually drink it a few more times over the next few days (once a day for the next 2-3 days) and it really really helps.

The key ingredient is garlic.

And let me tell you- that stuff is rough when you deal with it raw.  

Ginger is also incredibly important but I love ginger.  

A little too much.  But if you aren’t into raw ginger, again, this drink is going to be rough.

When I get ready to make this, I always try to get the ingredients organic, or as many as I can get organic.  After all, why add extra toxins to your body when you’re drinking this to get better?

Garlic+Ginger+Lemon Elixer

Makes 1

2 inches of Ginger

1-2 Garlic Cloves

1 Lemon

Cayenne (optional)


Peel garlic and remove outer peel from lemon.

Juice ginger, garlic and lemon.  Sprinkle cayenne on top, if using.

Take as a shot and follow up with a big glass of water!

Feel better!

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