Life in Brooklyn

Don’t worry- I promise I’m in the process of coming up with a new recipe for you all which should hopefully be posted tomorrow of Thursday.

January has been a slow month for me and, from what I’m seeing from the blogs I follow, most everyone else as well.  

And that’s totally cool.

I think because I haven’t started my spring classes yet, I’m still in my lazy mode.  I’m either crazy busy all the time, or completely lazy and don’t want to do anything.  I don’t really have a middle ground.  Slowly getting busier though….

I started competition prep this week!  So far it’s been fine- fairly high in carbs so I’ve been pretty full and all that but I’m still in the sugar addiction mode.  I totally want to snack a lot and I definitely want lots of sweets.  I’m hoping to be over it by the end of the week.

Only time will tell!

So anyway, I wanted to share some pictures I took around the end of the year last year.  Brooklyn is getting extremely trendy and has so many “hot spots” and cute locations and shops- and I love this, but I also love the grungier areas of it.

I love walking through these areas because I feel that it really is the heart of Brooklyn.  Not the coffee shop that just opened down the street, or the fancy condominiums that went up several years ago.

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