Being a Champion

Like many body builders these days, I’m a huge fan of Dana Linn Bailey. She inspires me constantly not only with her amazing physique but also with her determination and confidence. She’s so driven, but that doesn’t stop her from being an incredibly positive and encouraging person.

And she’s incredibly funny.

She and her husband, Rob Bailey, regularly post videos about life, competition prep and everything in between.

This video also features Mike Rashid, where he says something that really struck me, “The world is bigger than the gym…it’s about being a winner in life- a real champion…it’s about your relationships with your loved ones…”

When I spend hours at the gym each day, sometimes I start to wonder and question what I’m doing.  Life isn’t about being in the gym all day, working out and looking good.  Life is about your friends and relationships.  I like what Rashid says here because it reminds me that you learn important lessons in the gym. 

You learn to deal with challenges and adversary.  You learn to deal with stress and pressure.  You learn how to rise to the challenge.  You learn that you are so much stronger and so much more capable than you ever though possible. 

The reason I bring this up is because tonight was just a really shitty night.

Someone was shot just a few blocks away from me as I walked home this evening.  

I heard four pops behind me (Thankfully I know what gunshots sounds like- if you aren’t familiar with them, they don’t sound like they do on tv.  Outside they sound like firecrackers) and turned to hear a woman scream as a man fell down.  No other information needed, I booked it down the street until I could turn a corner.  It’s a fairly gentrified area and most people had no clue what was going on and just continued walking.  As I continued home I started think maybe I made it up, even though sirens suddenly started coming from every direction.  It wasn’t until almost an hour later that I was able to find reports starting to surface online about it.  The man was apparently rushed to the hospital but was in stable condition.

That alone, was enough for me to say “screw it, not being productive this evening” but then shortly after Mr. C came home we realized that our cat Bandit might have a UTI and we had to schedule an appointment at the local vet 20 minutes before they closed.  We were lucky we didn’t have to go to the emergency vet which would have cost so much more but my wallet is feeling extremely anorexic at this point.

These events made for a troubling evening.  As I got dinner together though, I started to feel better.  Sunday I started organizing my meals again, planning healthy meals to set me up for success.  And as shitty as this evening was, I won’t let it affect my goals.  So tonight I stuck with my planned evening and dinner.  

Instead I’ll focus on what I have, where I am and where I want to be.  I’ll focus on all the great things that happened today and hope for a better tomorrow.

Hoping for an amazing week for everyone.

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