Coconut Water Cocktail with Copra 100% Raw Coconut Water

I think one of my favorite things about being a food blogger is being able to get in touch with wholesome, like-minded people.  The nature of my blog being as it is, (typically healthy, whole food ingredients with a nod towards fitness) I have so far- I am quite pleased to say -met some truly amazing people and companies, many of which I may have never come across otherwise.

One of these companies I’ve been so lucky to meet has been Copra, a 100% Raw Coconut Water company.

Copra is a small company that started only a few years ago.  Their main focus is around health and sustainability and so they work with only a small number of farmers (less than 50!) within Western Thailand.  The water is bottled raw within hours of being harvested to keep the optimal flavor.

And I must say, the flavor is phenomenal.  Most of the coconut water in stores is pasteurized and has other flavors and preservatives added to it.  Copra does not.  It is completely raw without any additives.  It is sweet and floral with a very clean finish.

Also, can we talk about the color??  It’s purple.  Sometimes pink.  Sometimes not.  I’ve never seen anything like it!  Apparently enzymes in young (raw!) coconut water have the potential to turn it colors naturally- it’s a totally normal thing.  Crazy, right?

I love it!

I love products made in small batches and I love products that have variation between batches.

With using coconut water, which has such a delicate flavor, I didn’t want to risk overpowering it.  I decided to make a variation on a martini so make sure to use a good quality vodka for a clean taste.  Just add a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice and you’re golden!

Disclaimer: Copra sent me their products to sample and review for the purpose of making recipes- no other compensation was received..  All opinions are my own.

Coconut Water Cocktail

Makes 1

2 1/4 oz Copra Raw Coconut Water

1 oz Vodka

1/4 oz Fresh Lemon Juice


Lemon Peel

In a cocktail shaker, add coconut water, vodka, lemon juice and ice.  Strain and pour into a glass.  Add a twist of lemon peel and sip away!

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