End of Year Weekly Wishes (Part IX)

As I’m sure many others say, wow.  I can’t believe it’s the end of another year.  

I mean, I can and I can’t.  

Sometimes I feel like I’ve just lost my sense of time completely.  Every day seems like the next.  Sure, different things happen- fun things, exciting things. sad things, stressful things, difficult things, joyful things.  Holidays come and go and to a certain extent, it is all normal.  The same.  You expect it each year.  Holidays feel strange to me.  We all keep moving along and they keep coming and going.

Many things have happened in the past year and I’ve made a lot of changes with my life and I hope they are changes for the better.  But really, it just feels like I’m sitting still, watching time go by.  Great things require patience.

“Patient” has never been used as a word to describe me.


A new year is significant for many and while I try to think about the changes I will make and the progress I will have this coming year, it really just seems like Thursday, January 1st 2015 is just the day after Wednesday, December 31st 2014.  Which is what it is, really.

Being neither particularly right or left brain dominant (which probably explains how I went from being an art student to studying to be a Registered Dietitian) I struggle to find what is comforting for me, but also rational and realistic.

I love freedom and the ability to do as I please but I feel lost and aimless without structure.

It’s quite the conundrum, I assure you.  

So with all that in mind, my goals for this week are also ones I intend to continue through January and the new year, as needed.

The Nectar Collective
  1. Make the apartment a more inspiring place: This has been an ongoing effort for a while now- not just with the apartment but with all my stuff at my mom’s house as well.  Trying to remove clutter and keep and organize only things that bring me joy and inspire me.
  2. Finish my trainer studies: Another thing I’ve been working on and off with is this program to become certified as a personal trainer.  It’s time I finally organize myself and finish it (especially while I have almost a month before I start classes again).
  3. Leave the country: Haha yeah this probably sounds pretty drastic but it isn’t that crazy.  I’m a broke travel-loving girl.  Like someone who watches way too many food travel shows, I live for other cultures and food from said cultures.  Food is the heart and soul of a country and a community.  I haven’t been out of this country for at least 3 years- maybe even 4 and I’m dying to go somewhere- anywhere!  This year, aside from finishing my classes appropriately, my top goal is to hop on a plane and just get out.  At least, for a little while.

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