Weekly Wishes: Part VIII

So I skipped my Weekly Wishes last week.  I was also largely unsuccessful in completing my goals for that week.  I apologize for that!

The Nectar Collective

The previous week’s wishes were as follows: 

  1. Be thankful: I’ve been trying to focus on this a lot lately- not just for a week.
  2. Post twice this week: Didn’t do well on this point either.  I opted to focus on family rather than posting.  Hope you’ll all forgive me!
  3. Start new training program: Now this did happen!  I’ve been working on my new program and keeping on top of my regime and it’s been awesome!

This week’s goals will be:

  1. Get Christmas Decorations Up: I hope to get a tree as well, on my trip back to NYC but if that doesn’t happen it’ll be ok- either way I’m getting some sort of decorations up- it’s time to be festive! (I’ve started putting up decorations at my mom’s house while she’s at work today)
  2. FINISH CLASSES!: Woo hoo- last week of classes!  I’m excited- time to finish up strong and be done for the semester!
  3. Organize the Apartment: I’d been working on this slowly when I was there- going through boxes I had brought up and trying to tidy things up in general.  Being back in Maryland I’ve been making similar progress here (as I go through boxes to bring to NYC etc).  I was able to donate several boxes of stuff on Saturday- woo hoo!  Time to keep it up!

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