Pumpkin Protein Pudding

Good morning everyone!

I had a relatively uneventful drive back yesterday and made it to Maryland safely.  I’m supposed to be practicing my speech for later today but I wanted to quickly share a new recipe with you!

Now I realize I may be kind of pumpkin crazy and you may be rolling your eyes at another pumpkin recipe but for me, this stuff never gets old.  With so many different pumpkin varieties, there’s no way you can get tired of it!

It may have been the serious over-indulgence of Thanksgiving and the pending Christmas indulgence but I’m already starting to get anxious for competition.  I’m making little changes one step at a time.

Little adjustments here and there.

New workout routines and tweaking my eating habits (HELLO PROTEIN!).  Only a little more time to bulk!

By now you probably get where I’m going here.

Pumpkin: check.

Protein: check.

Holiday Indulgence: check.

Not overindulgence: also check.

Now while canned pumpkin works just fine for this, I prefer to use my own fresh cooked and pureed pumpkin.  For this specific recipe I used some delicious Hubbard squash.

So if you want a healthy dessert that will keep you in tip top shape while satisfying your sweet tooth, head over here for the recipe!

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