Lovely Letters- A Snail Mail Experience (Kinda)

Last month I participated in the Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange hosted by Esther at The Local Adventurer. You sign up and are then assigned another blogger to exchange your snail mail with. But basically you stalk their pages and you both get to know more about one another.

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

I was teamed up with Ashley from Under the Ash Tree. She has a super awesome blog. She writes a lot about her life and experiences as well as travel. Being a working gal herself, I’m amazed at how much she has been able to travel!

Now the funny thing about this exchange is that you are supposed to be teamed up with people around the country and/or around the world. I’ve been living in Maryland but have just moved back to my old apartment in Brooklyn . After Ashley and I were teamed up we discovered that not only does she live in Brooklyn as well, but she lives 2 blocks from my apartment!

How crazy is that??

We decided it would be fun to go through with the exchange anyway but instead of sending our packages to one another, we would meet up in person an exchange them. I suppose it defeats the purpose of snail mail (however I did personally drive up all my items from Maryland!) but it was still super fun to be able to meet and connect with someone in my area.

We decided to meet up yesterday and had brunch over at Lazy Ibis which opened up in the past year while I was away. I can be a bit of a creature of habit so I’m glad Ashley recommended it.

I am apparently becoming a coffee-drinking gal.  I never used to and now in the past week I’ve gone and had coffee twice with friends…

We talked nonstop for over an hour and learned a lot about one another.  We talked a lot about different things in Brooklyn and what we are doing with out lives etc.  She likes hanging out at home with friends and drinking lots of wine too!  We are hoping to meet up soon and go to the Brooklyn Flea together.

Ashley got me a bunch of really nice things- many of which are perfect for winter!

  • A Letter (of course!)
  • Weleda Pomegranate Lotion- this is perfect because I’ve managed to lose all of my lotion
  • Honey Tangerine Scented Candle
  • Samples of Face Wash and Lotion from bareMinerals
  • A Weekly To-Do List (which I’ve already started using!)
  • A bag from Spiritual Gangster


Anyway, even though the exchange didn’t turn out exactly as planned I feel like, for me, it turned out even better!  I can’t wait to sign up and do it again this month!

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