Weekly Wishes: Part VII

I’m a day late (and more than several dollars short due to tolls) but it’s time to start discussing the goals for this week!

Had a bit of a later start than I had wanted Sunday due to a dog deciding it was a good time to run off into the woods and disappear for an hour or so.  After we got going though the drive was relatively uneventful other than Charlie (dog) vomiting all over a couple of my paperbacks.  He gets carsick so we always put towels down over the seats but he seems to be quite skilled in somehow finding other non-covered areas to project onto.

Once in the city it’s been fairly nonstop (no surprise there!).  Sunday we unpacked most of the car and I spend the rest of the evening finishing up homework assignments for class.

Yesterday I took care of all the paperwork for the new school so I can eventually register for spring classes and was able to meet with my friend Pear, who was visiting from Thailand.  We haven’t seen each other in over 8 years (we met in Japan- she was also an AFS student) so it was wonderful being able to catch up!

Like a proper New Yorker, we met in the city and had some coffee.  Then we traveled down to Brooklyn.  She was interested in seeing Williamsburg and since her flight was that evening I didn’t want to go too far in so we just went to the Bedford Ave stop.  We wandered into a bunch of different  antique shops and saw some interesting things…

Now it’s Tuesday here and I’m meeting with some people later today.  I’m still adjusting to my new schedule and habits here (and still organizing the apartment) so I apologize for not having any recipes up yet.  It’s going to be a bit busy…

Anyway, on to Weekly Wishes!

The Nectar Collective

Last week’s goals were as follows:

  1. Start packing: This eventually happened (basically last minute, of course).
  2. Make 2 more Thanksgiving recipes: I was only able to really get one Thanksgiving recipe together.
  3. Organize/Update Workout Plans: I was able to meet with my posing coach and she was able to assess where I’m at currently and put together a workout plan for the next few months to get things up to par before I start cutting again- I’m excited!

This week’s goals will be:

  1. Be thankful: I usually like to be very specific with my goals, but seeing as Thanksgiving is Thursday, I’d like to just focus this week around being thankful for what I have.
  2. Post twice this week: With all the traveling happening (tomorrow we head to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving and will be returning on Saturday) it’ll be a struggle to post but I don’t want to give up on posting this week entirely.
  3. Start new training program: I’ve been getting lazy recently and only going 2-3 days a week.  My new program has me going in 5 days a week (which I should be doing anyway) so I’m excited to get started and start making progress again!


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