Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Today marks my last official day in southern Maryland.  Yesterday was my last work day and it was a glorious one.  The weather warmed up enough so I didn’t spend the day freezing and my coworkers even had a little going away party.  My boss bought me a beautiful red growler filled with pumpkin ale from the nearby brewery,  (And just to be official, no, I did not spend the rest of the afternoon drinking it. Nope, not me.  No way.  I’d never do such a thing…)

My coworker brought in cupcakes for everyone and a pumpkin loaf just for me- no sharing!

It was a pretty fun work day but what really topped it off was the arrival of Christmas trees.  There are only 3 weeks in December before Christmas this year because Thanksgiving is so late which is why we got them before the holiday.  Several hours later than expected, a giant truck as tall as our building arrived, full of Christmas trees.  Fraser Firs were all tied up, lying on their sides and stacked at high as the eye could see.  I was able to climb up to the top and help unload for a while and it was magical.  I was surrounded by trees, 50 feet in the air.  The sun was setting; the air was crisp and everything smelled like Christmas and I was able to look around at all the land from an entirely different perspective.  It was a wonderful moment, even if I was sent back down to help with the register pretty soon after.

I will miss being in Maryland quite a bit but I’m working to remind myself to look forward to the changes that are coming.  Mr. C can’t wait for me to arrive and I know that as a couple, we will make a better experience of New York this time around.

So, all this being said, it’s time for some holiday roundup recipes.

Let’s get started with this simple, hearty Roasted Beet Salad with Creamy Chevre and Pomegranate.

And while the curry spices don’t necessarily scream “Thanksgiving” flavors, how about trying things a little differently this year? You know- keep things excitng with this Curry Creamy Spiced Cauliflower.

Moving towards a more traditional route, give these Holiday Inspired Cheezy Beans a try. Veganized, for your convenience!

And for another set of greens for your table, try out these Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

What holiday is complete without some cranberry sauce? Don’t pass up this honey sweetened Lemon Spice and Everything Nice Cranberry Sauce.

And of course, how about a main dish for your non-meat eaters? Vegetarian, but easily veganized by swapping out butter for a non-daiy variety. Enjoy this Quinoa and Cranberry Stuffed Delicata Squash.

And one more side- just for good measure ’cause you should never skip potatoes! Please pass the Roasted Potatoes with Fresh Sage, Mushrooms and Toasted Pecans!

And finally- no skipping dessert! Impress your guests with a homemade Apple Crumb Pie.

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