Weekly Wishes: Part V

Hey there everyone- it’s Monday and I’m back in action and ready for a new week!


Last week was super busy with school.  

I’m about halfway through the fall semester classes and I’m definitely starting to feel the strain.  Unless I’m perfectly in line with my grades for my classes -which is rare- it’s around this point that I start to feel a lot of stress and anxiety to keep my grades where I want them (A’s, of course- grad schools don’t like less than that).  I start to feel like I’m trying to cup sand in my hands and it keeps slipping through my fingers.  I try desperately to keep ahold of it and not lose anything more and yet, each point lost on a test or assignment allows it to slip further and further away.

I’ve gotten used to this feeling.  While I don’t “anticipate” it, per say (selective memory), once it starts I realize that for me, it’s normal.  This happens each semester around the same time.  While it isn’t exactly a thought of comfort, it helps me to know that it isn’t an unusual feeling.  At least, for myself.

I just have to keep focused and trek on through.  It’ll be over in about a month.

So!  On to goals!

The Nectar Collective

Last weeks’ goals were as follows:

1. Finish my paper in advance: Got that done in time and was able to get feedback before turning in the final draft- I was pretty on top of my assignments and tests in general to not fall behind.

2. Go through boxes: Yeah, this didn’t happen.  School took over and took priority…

3. Clean: Sadly, as previously stated, school took over…but I did clean the kitchen and did laundry!

This week’s goals are:

1. Start knitting some xmas gifts: I have 2 projects I seriously intend to do and finish before Christmas for two very special friends (don’t want to go into further details in case they read this post!).  It’s time I stop delaying and hop to it!

2. Go through boxes: I’m going to work on this goal again because it really needs to be done.  I need to focus on downsizing but also organizing what’s left so that I can plan on packing up the car at the end of the month for the first trip of stuff to NYC.

3. GO TO BED EARLIER: When I get stressed I start sleeping less and staying up later.  This really needs to stop because it certainly doesn’t help me relax!  I’d like to work on getting back to my original bedtime…

Anyway, how about you guys?  Do you have goals for this week?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: Part V

    • Kelsey Marcus says:

      Thankies- I’m going to try! (one problem right now is I’m still hooked in reading "Outlander" so yeah…..once I finish all my work etc I just want to read and I stay up late doing that. Gotta just go to sleep though!)


  1. Zoe Diaz-McLeese says:

    Visiting over from Weekly Wishes at The Nectar Collective! I totally understand how you feel about the stress over grades. I’m studying abroad right now, and the grading system in France is so different than it is at home, so I’m really not sure where I stand with my grades, and it’s stressing me out! I hope you get to bed earlier, I know that helps me a lot too. Sending you good vibes this week, and I know you can totally rock your wishes! 🙂 xo,Zoe | <a href="lavieenzoe.blogspot.com">La Vie en Zoe</a>


    • Kelsey Marcus says:

      Thank you and good luck with yours too! I studied abroad in Japan when I was in high school but I didn’t speak the language very much (I learned while I was there) so I didn’t really have to worry about tests and the classes. Doing it in French must be quite the challenge!


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