Weekly Wishes: Part IV

Well!  This past week has been quite a busy one! (aren’t they all that way?)  

First and foremost, it’s official: I’m going back to NYC.  

I gave my notice to my current job last week.  That was difficult for me; one thing I have always struggled with is being upfront with “bad news”.  I have enjoyed this job and respect the people I have worked with though and so I decided it was time for me to get over this fear and discomfort.  I couldn’t give them a “Oh hey, so I need to leave next week” or any unprofessional business like that.  My boss took the news well; he wasn’t surprised, in fact, due to the fact that I’ve been making frequent trips to the city and so Mr. C obviously hadn’t been able to find work out here he had already figured I might be returning.

For better or worse, I’ll be going back.  I’m planning on finishing my final classes out there and meanwhile, continue working on this page.  Mr. C is very happy I’ll be returning and I’m hoping we’ll make a better use of the city and its benefits than last time.  I have some exciting ideas to spruce up the apartment and some new plans for furniture and designing the interior etc.  While I have mixed feelings about returning, I’m certainly trying to focus on the positive points and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of my friends again!

Next up, my mom adopted a new cat. He’s wonderful but still shy around all the other animals around the house. We are giving him time to adjust and get used to things- I’ll have more pictures soon!

And finally, for Halloween I was Rosie the Riveter.

Now onto those goals!

Last week my goals were as such:

1. Keep consistent.  I got into a better schedule this week but plan to make more progress- especially with doing more prep work in advance.

2. Study food photography.  I studied a lot more reference photos in attempts to improve my own but still need to get into the specifics of studying my camera adjustments.

3. Squat 205lbs.  So yeah, about that.  I actually must have miscalculated because I ended up squatting 205 last week (5 reps 4x).   Guess I have to make new end of the year goals since I already crushed my previous one.

The Nectar Collective

Goals for this week:

1. Finish my paper in advance: I have a big paper due this Sunday for Sociology which of course, I haven’t worked on yet…I want to be on top of finishing it before the due date so I can get it turned in on time to get feedback.

2. Go through boxes: I want to go through a lot of the boxes I had packed up from nyc and try to reassemble them for my return/get rid of a bunch of stuff.  I really need to downsize a lot.

3. Clean: Sorry, not being very specific here but it goes along with my need to go through boxes and downsize.  I need to start cleaning up things and organizing in general…a cluttered physical space makes for a cluttered mental space!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: Part IV

  1. estherjulee says:

    stopping by from weekly wishes. i love that pumpkin photo. i’m trying to improve my food photography as well.. and clean in both the physical and mental sense too. know what you mean. good luck on your goals this week! 🙂


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