An Update- Weekly Wishes

Last week was a whirlwind of excitement which I briefly discussed in my last post. Mr. C and I both decided to really crank it up a notch to make this blog a success. This is something I have wanted for a while but never really went “all in”, if you will.

While I am currently working towards finishing my credits so that I can apply to grad school to be a RD, I have wanted very much to be able to have the freedom to travel and make my own schedule while (gasp) still making money.  I get tired of working small jobs with inconsistent, yet rigid weekend and night schedules.  Don’t get me wrong- I want to work and keep busy but I want to do it on my own schedule- not someone else’s.  Seeing as I’ll be moving back to NYC before the end of the year I’m putting my best foot forward so that I can hopefully avoid working a lot of extra jobs to make ends meet.

The Nectar Collective
That's why this week's goals will be as follows:

1. Keep consistent.  Last week my goal was to break my habit of being lazy and going back to bed to nap after being awake (and to take the dogs for a walk each morning).  Now I’d like to take that up a notch and organize my schedule a little further with specifying time for my blog work etc so that I get everything done onetime before going to the gym and then work.

2. Study food photography.  I want to keep learning how to take better photographs of my food so I want to look more into online tips and tutorials on how to take better pictures.

3. And on a totally unrelated note: Squat 205lbs.  Ok so this isn’t a goal for this week but it’s a goal I’d like to reach by the end of the year.  Last Tuesday I was up to 175lbs for 6-8reps (once I post this I’ll be heading to the gym to do 3-5 reps so I’m excited to see what I get up to) and I’d like to get over 200lbs.

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