Leaves of Change (and how my dog is comparable to Benedict Cumberbatch)

Now I know why you’ve clicked on this post.  It’s to see how my dog Charlie is comparable to Benedict Cumberbatch.  Don’t worry- we’ll get there but first I’m going to make your go through some other things first (unless of course you skip to the end which I’d understand if you did).

I’ll be heading up to NYC again on Sunday for a few days (to go to a book signing amongst other things) so I decided that seeing as the leaves are changing, acorns are dropping and the temperature couldn’t be more perfect if it tried, I decided to take my camera with me for a long walk with the dogs.

I’ve always loved fall.  When I was little growing up in Southern California I remembered how all the leaves would fall and rustle along and it was really the only indicator of the changing seasons in the temperate area.  When we moved to Maryland (where I had never seen so many trees in my life!) and the weather turned to fall I exclaimed, “It’s raining leaves!!”  They covered everything- the grass, the woods (duh- but keep in mind I had never really experienced “woods” before), the driveway and streets.  It was unbelievable!

Several years ago a friend of mine let me join her family at their vacation house in Connecticut and they explained to me how people often travel there for the fall foliage viewing season.  I had no idea that people travel to areas just to see the leaves change.  This is something I hope to do one day.  I was hoping to do it this year (yay for having a car) but it looks like I may have to wait another year and I’ll have to make do with the beautiful leaves of Maryland.

Which is totally not a bad fall back plan if you ask me.

So!  I’ll stop trying to delude myself into thinking that you’re just interested in seeing what I have to say and show.  Let’s get to the real reason why you’re here: Benedict Cumberbatch.

Now, in our walk around, we made our way (as we tend to do) to the beach.

And Mr. Charlie had a ton of fun.  He especially enjoyed walking in the water….

And then this happened:

And I realized (once again) that I probably have one of the sexiest dogs alive and he bears a strong semblance to Benedict Cumberbatch in his more recent photograph for charity. Like woah. That face.

Don’t deny it.

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