Weekend Roundup

It’s been a pretty busy week for me! I’ve been spending a lot more time here with you guys and I’ve been having so much fun! I love making recipes but I’ve been wanting to start posting about other things that inspire me too- things I do or see day to day, ideas that I have, projects etc. I kept holding off because I thought maybe no one would be interested. After reading some recent posts over at The Nectar Collective though, I decided hey, let’s go for it.

Fear not though, I’ll still be posting lots of recipes (How could I not? Food is my main love- sorry Mr. C!) but you’ll start seeing some other things here too.

I want to be able to get to know you all better so I hope you won’t mind (in fact I’m hoping you’ll enjoy these new changes!).

So here’s to embracing changes – let’s start with a weekend roundup!  

I’d like to take this moment to share some of the exciting things that I’ve seen and come across this week:

Of course now that we almost into October, we are most certainly into fall (not that I haven’t been talking about it ALL WEEK) but I’m so excited about fall decorations too!  Between mini pumpkins, giant pumpkins, alien-like gourds, freakish-looking squash and decorative corn, this has to be the best season.

I’m currently super into this bizzare creature called a “Peanut Squash”.  Not only is it pink (*gasp*) but with all the “peanuts” covering it, it’s just crazy looking!

This post here at Free People I love not only because it talks about many of the great heros of fall produce but because of the beautiful artwork! They also have a fantastic post about how to make Homemade Masala Chai Concentrate. Yum!

Breakfast was kind of a big deal with week and I was all about this recipe for Cornmeal Sweet Potato Waffles from Booklyn Supper. I made mine with pureed pumpkin and whole goat milk.

And to continue with my pumpkin theme for the week I enjoyed this amazing Pumpkin Spice Smoothie for breakfast as well- delish!

The Kitchn also had a very interesting article about How Color Influences Your Grocery Shopping.

On a more political side, Emma Watson made an amazing speech at the UN to talk about gender equality and push for the campaign He For She.

And finally, I read one of the most beautiful articles I’ve come across in a long time. A richly written depiction of a woman’s experience with having a stroke at the young age of 33. Complete with stunning artwork, this isn’t one to be missed.

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