DIY Olive Oil and Honey Sugar Scrub

With fall comes winter and with winter comes some seriously dry skin.  Ok I exaggerate slightly.  My skin doesn’t get crazy dry like some, but it does go a little crazy in general.  Some days it’s too dry and other days it’s super oily and I struggle to keep it in balance.

I’ve tried out my fair share of lotions and moisturizers and eventually one day I got tired of it and decided to start researching different scrubs made from natural ingredients.  I played around a bit and made some adjustments but this is one that I’ve done for a few years now (I’ve also made as gifts for people during the holidays!).

Now this only calls for a few simple ingredients- most of which you can probably find right around your house.  I try to use a cold pressed, high quality olive oil and I enjoy adding the lavender essential oil (though it isn’t required) to it for its calming effects and nice scent.

DIY Olive Oil and Honey Sugar Scrub

3 TBSP Cold Pressed Olive Oil

2 TBSP Local Honey

1/2 Cup Sugar

6-8 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients together and store in a sealed container.  Apply and rinse off in the evenings several times a week after washing your face.

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