Recipe Round-Up for Labor Day

I’ve kind of done unofficial “recipe round-ups”‘ before on my Facebook page before but I haven’t done it here but I figured with Labor Day coming up and all, now was as good a time as any to do so.

Now with any good party, it’s appropriate to start with some cocktails. For me, these Frozen Watermelon, Basil and St. Germain Cocktails are perfect to keep your guests hydrated and happy.

Next up, a Creamy Potato Salad never hurt anyone! This exciting flavorful take on potato salad with be a crowd pleaser for any party.

Whether you are hosting your own party or have been invited to someone else’s these are a great because they are easy to prepare ahead of time. I bring you the delicious Portobello Pineapple Shish Kebabs

And last but not least, what party is complete without some burgers? I’m usually the only non-meat eater at parties and BBQ’s so I always come prepared with my own goodies. Last time I brought these patties ready to grill along with all the trimmings (freshly sliced tomatoes, onions, sprouts and avocado) and they were a big hit with my carnivorous counterparts as well. Give these Chickpea Sweet Potato Mushroom Burgers a try some time.

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