Sugar Cube Melon with Port Wine Dessert

When I graduated from art school two years ago I left feeling fed up with the art world.  Without going too deep into discussion about it, I’ll say that I had lost my faith in it along with my trust.  The art world became inauthentic.  The moment I graduated, I stopped doing art.  I haven’t picked up a paint brush, made a sketch or attempted to sculpt anything since.

Sure, I started doing other things, that, with the wide spectrum that is “art”, could be considered art, such as sculpting my own body for competition or playing with food (aka, recipes) but nothing such as sitting down and saying “I want to draw something”.

Recently however, things have started to change.

After living out here for almost 8 months I feel like I’ve started to get that itch back.

I’ve started sketching people I see and while I’m no photographer, I’ve also begun to really enjoy taking my camera with me and photographing things that interest me on a day-to-day basis. (Which you may have noticed on your own based on my more recent posts)

Sometimes it’s beautiful things that attract me or sometimes just little details.

This past weekend my aunt and boyfriend were visiting so we spend the day on Solomons Island.  It’s only a 10 minute drive (probably less) from the house but we don’t often take trips there.  With the boardwalk, shops, restaurants and bars it’s an enjoyable place to go in the day or at night.  

The first time I went there on a Friday night I was shocked by the number of cars there- it’s hard to even find parking on the weekends.  I remember saying, “Wow, so the entire community of Southern Maryland goes here on the weekend!”  (I exaggerate of course, but that’s my view on non-city life- you never really see that many people)

Life can be beautiful when you pay attention to the little details  and I’ve been trying to focus on a balance- the good and bad and finding a way to accept it all at face value.

And now we will make a completely random segue to today’s recipe based on the produce of choice: Sugar Cube Melons.

These are basically mini cantaloupes- your own personal sized breakfast meals.  You know how you cut up a melon for one or two people and then have to cover the rest of it and stick it on a plate before finding room in the fridge because otherwise it will drip all over the place a make a mess?  Yeah well not these guys!  You cut one open and you’re done.  If you’re me, one cantaloupe is one serving but for the average consumer I would say each half is one serving.  Either way, it’s so much less mess and boy are they sweet!

But if we want to keep with the theme of finding balance I would say that this recipe adds a nice touch of savory to the sweetness of the melon.  Nothing to crazy or fancy but it works.

I’m a big fan of alcohol- I like drinking it, mixing it and using it in cooking or baking.  Any food with alcohol in it automatically gets my attention so I really enjoy this as a dessert because it’s just right- not too sweet, not too unhealthy and it contains some alcoholic beverage.

Sugar Cube Melon with Port Wine Dessert

2 Sugar Cube Melons

8 TBSP Port Wine

4 tsp Thyme leaves

Cut the melons in half and scoop out the seeds.  Pour 2 TBSP port on each half of melon and sprinkle with 1 tsp of thyme leaves.


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