Peach Salsa

Peaches, peaches, peaches.  Like many, I grew up eating peaches and other fruits.  They were good and, upon occasion, great, even.  But it wasn’t until one day my mom brought some white peaches up to Brooklyn from Maryland that I truly had spectacular peaches.

Now I know, I know, this here is not a white peach but it doesn’t change the fact that those peaches changed my standards for acceptable peaches to eat from then on.  I remember that summer I hunted for peaches in the city that matched my new standards.  I figured, “Just buy some white peaches at the Greenmarket- they’ll be the same”.  How foolish I was.  I knew nothing about individuality between different plants and how there is not just one type of “white peach”.  Oh no, not at all.

We are slowly working our way into peach season here and while the current variety we have at work is quite sweet and tasty, they are not the infamous, epitome of perfection, white peach, of which I so eagerly wait.

But tasty peaches are still tasty peaches and consequently, they should be consumed with reckless abandon.

Methods of consumption:


Blended- check

Pies and tarts- check

Salsas and chutneys- check

Today we will be discussing the methods of creating an appropriate peach salsa.  Basically because it employs most everything I can get seasonally and locally (with the exception of cilantro and lime juice).

Peach Salsa

3 Peaches (about 3 cups)

2 Tomatoes (about 2 cups)

1 Jalapeño

1/2 Red Onion

1 TBSP Lime Juice

1/4 Cup Cilantro

1/4 tsp Salt

Chop up your peaches and tomatoes (try to remove as much excess juice from the tomatoes as possible) and red onion,  Remove the seeds from the jalapeño and mince along with the cilantro.  Toss all ingredients together in a bowl and serve with chips !


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