Refreshing Cucumber Juice

Ladies and Gents summer is here!  

With my new job at a local farmer’s market I’ve been spending my days outside and I’ve really been feeling the heat.  Thankfully it’s not too bad yet but the summers in Southern Maryland are rough because they are extremely humid.  I’d say they are worse than in Brooklyn but a main benefit of being out of the city is you don’t have to walk everywhere so I can quickly pop into an air-conditioned car or house. (God am I excited for central AC out here!  None of this single air conditioned room that you only use when you are in it bull****)

But I digress.

It’s imperative to keep hydrated and even more so during the summer and especially if you spend a lot of time outside or are sweating a lot. (hello outdoor workouts!)

I love juicing cucumbers because they are basically all liquid so you really get a lot out of them and being full of vitamin A and K you really can’t go wrong!  They make a fantastic base for any juice drink but are also great on their own.  

When I went to Istanbul a few summers back vendors on the street would sell sliced cucumbers on their carts instead of bottled water.  Don’t I wish we did that here in the states!  I mean, what a fantastic and replenishing snack- not only are you being hydrated but you are also getting extra nutrients too!  Not that we shouldn’t keep drinking water (keep drinking lots of water folks!), but you know, just carry around your own reusable bottles rather than picking up disposable plastic.

Ok, enough of this.  I’m ready to go out for a bike ride in this fantastic weather before heading off to work and you can bet your booty that I’ll be drinking some of this right after!

Refreshing Cucumber Juice – Serves 1

2 Cucumbers

1 Sweet Apple

1/3 Cup Packed Cilantro

1/2 Peeled Lemon

Juice away and enjoy!

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