Easter Recipes: Creamed Spinach

Now what says Easter better than cute little rabbits?  Maybe cute little rabbit food?  Yummy spinach?  Ok so maybe that isn’t what comes to mind to others (when I asked around about “Easter Food” I often got the response of, “Ham?” – ew) but I think of spinach as being a serious Easter food.  Don’t ask me why- I have no idea but it’s all good.

So this past Saturday I organized with the local market to buy a bushel of organic spinach from one of their farmers.  If you don’t know how much that is, well it’s a lot…with the box it weighed 12 pounds.  That’s a lot of spinach for one little lady!  But I am up for the challenge and prepared!  I was tired of spending tons of money on organic spinach (I don’t always buy organic produce but I always try to get leafy greens organic) that was never available in large amounts.  The largest size I could find was a single pound and I can go through that pretty quickly so it just wasn’t really worth the cost (not to mention half the time the grocery store didn’t have it in stock).  Consequently I asked my local farmer’s market about buying in bulk and one thing lead to another, bada-bing, bada-boom and I now have a giant bushel of spinach sitting in the kitchen (it’s also in various bowls on counter tops and in bags in the fridge).  It’s kind of everywhere.  

Sorry, please excuse the super messy kitchen.

Sorry, please excuse the super messy kitchen.

But as I said, I was prepared because I knew I wanted to make this recipe which calls for a TON of spinach.  My family makes it for Smorgasbord (a Scandinavian style buffet around Christmas) every year and I wanted to make a non-dairy version.  Now our family recipe isn’t the most exact: it calls for 2 bags of spinach, which quite honestly could mean anything so don’t worry about being exactly right with the spinach measurements.  I measured out about 26 cups, or enough to pack this large pot full to the brim and then some.

Ooh, spinach-y goodness!  I like that this recipe tastes rich without really having too much fat and besides, it’s chock-full of spinach so it can never really be bad for you!  


Honestly I only wish I had made more…thankfully though the recipe is pretty quick and easy to do!  I might have to make a few more batches and freeze them for future consumption…

Creamed Spinach – serves 4-6

26 Cups Spinach

4 TBSP Non-Dairy Butter

4 TBSP Whole Wheat Flour

1 Cup Unsweetened Original Almond Milk

1/4 tsp Nutmeg

1/4 Sliced Unsalted Almonds

Salt, to taste

Rinse spinach (don’t worry about drying it- you’ll use the water on the leaves when you are cooking it) then stuff it all into a very large pot.  Add 1/4 cup water and cook until all spinach is wilted and significantly cooked down.  Reserving the liquid, drain the spinach, pat dry and chop very very finely.  

In a pot, melt non-dairy butter and whisk in flour.  Whisking regularly, allow it to thicken slowly until large bubbles form.  Slowly add almond milk, stirring continuously so that clumps don’t form, then mix in your spinach.  Add your reserved spinach water until desired thickness is reached.  Add nutmeg and season with salt and pepper.  

Toss sliced almonds in a heated pan and cook until lightly browned and toasted.  Sprinkle on top of creamed spinach.

If you want, hold on to your spinach water- it can be used in smoothies or for soup broths!

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