Grilled Cheese and Avocado

Now, I didn’t put together this page with the intention necessarily of creating lots of processed, grilled cheese recipes but it would appear that grilled cheese is a hot topic.  And I must admit, vegan or not, grilled cheese is always good for any soul.

I put this picture up on my Facebook Page on Thanksgiving as something I had made quickly during the rush of holiday cooking. I was surprised to find people really went for it so I thought I’d go ahead and share the deliciously unhealthy recipe that is grilled cheese and avocado.

Grilled Cheese and Avocado – Serves 1

2 Slices of Bread
Non-dairy Butter (I prefer Earth Balance)
2 Slices Daiya Provolone
1/4 Avocado

Optional: Freshly Ground Pepper, Sweet Chili Flakes

Smear on some butter onto one side of each slice of bread.  On the inside, pile on the Provolone and sliced (or mashed) avocado.  You can sprinkle the chili flakes and ground pepper onto the avocado if using.  Cook on low (buttered side out) in a covered pan for several minutes until bread is browned and then carefully flip.  Cook on the other side for several minutes more until cheese is melted.  Slice in half and enjoy!

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