Sassy Corn Salsa!

Thank God it’s finally becoming fall!  This morning, when I crawled out of bed and walked into the living room only to rush immediately back to hunt for the long buried bathrobe and slippers I was jovial.  I love the brisk, freshness of fall and of course, the heat and humidity cut is also a major bonus too.   

And once again, as always, the produce!  [Insert obligatory “OMG PUMPKIN EVERYTHING” statement here]  We shall get into pumpkin goodness another day though.  Today it’s all about the corn baby!

Fresh, sweet, beautiful, husk-it-yourself-because-it’s-not-in-frozen-bags, corn. 

Whenever I husk corn I’m reminded of the summers I spent at my grandparent’s house in Vermont when I was little.  They had a huge covered, netted porch so we (my cousins and myself) would husk corn outside to help with preparing dinner.  When the meal was ready we would butter up corn on the cob, salt it and scarf it down immediately.  At that age though, usually one or several of us would be losing teeth so often times, one of the adults would have to cut it off for us since -to be honest- it wasn’t too difficult for us to cut, we were just too lazy.

But enough reminiscing.  This recipe came about as a way to use up lots of corn in a fun way that could be eaten on it’s own or easily be added to lots of different meals later (i.e. add to burritos, add to salads, toss with some grains).

I hope you enjoy! 

Sassy Corn Salsa

4 Ears of Corn, husked

2 Medium Tomatoes

1-2 Red Rocket Peppers (can sub with Jalapeños)

1/4 Cup Cilantro, packed

11/2 tsp Lime Juice

1/2 tsp Salt

Fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil.  Carefully place corn in pot and cook for about 1 minute (try to rotate a little to cook all sides since the corn floats).  With tongs, remove corn and let cool.  In the meantime, chop your tomatoes, removing any extra juice.  Carefully seed and mince your peppers- DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE, MOUTH, NOSE OR EYES!  Seriously, that stuff burns.  For hours.  Days.  No joke- mince and wash your hands immediately.  Chop your cilantro.  Once your corn is cooled, carefully cut off kernels.  In a large bowl, toss all ingredients together.


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