Frozen Watermelon, Basil and St. Germain Cocktails

So we are doing something a little different today..COCKTAILS! Mind you, these drinks would taste just as fine without alcohol so, you know, don’t be afraid to make these first thing in the morning but if you want to make them with alcohol in the morning though it’s ok too- I won’t judge you.

I have found the key to drinking without hangovers! Two of the ingredients are hydrators- watermelon and cucumber.  So I figure the dehydrating alcohol and the hydration of the other ingredients counteract each other so you’re all good to go (but don’t drink if you are underage and drink responsibly!).  I’m obviously no doctor or scientist, but it works for me (this goes along the same logic I have that chocolate is a vegetable because it comes from a bean- eat more veggies!).  

Glass half empty or half full I don’t care as long as it has alcohol in it.  Especially when I’m relaxing with friends and it’s a frozen drink in the summer.  Frozen is a major plus.

Frozen Watermelon, Basil and St. Germain Cocktails- makes 2-3

6 Cups Chopped Frozen Watermelon

1 Kirby Cucumber, chopped

1 Handful of Basil + a few extra leaves for garnish

1/4 Cup Lime Juice

3/4 Cup St. Germain

Dry Champagne

Toss all ingredients except champagne into blender and blend until smooth.  If you are making this without alcohol I would recommend adding 3/4 cup of either water or coconut water instead of St. Germain. 

Pour into glasses and top with champagne and garnish with basil leaves. 

Drink away! 

(Side note- I apologize for the picture quality- I was late finishing the food and drinks for a get together and we really didn’t want to wait to start eating and drinking so I rushed through picture taking) 

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